Sunset Time Lapse | Castle Rock CO

I went out this evening to get a sunset time-lapse video here in Castle Rock, Colorado.

I was really testing two different cameras, or more exact, a time-lapse with my iPhone 11 Pro Max and a GoPro Hero 8 Black. I started and stopped the videos on both devices at the exact same time and filmed the sunset for approximately 1 hour.

Here is the sunset time-lapse with my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Here is the sunset time-lapse with my GoPro Hero 8 Black.

I was surprised when my iPhone time-lapse only lasted 26 seconds, when I videoed the sunset for about 1 hour. The GoPro time-lapse lasted for 5.5 minutes, when I videoed for the same 1-hour time.

Final Thoughts

The GoPro Hero 8 Black produces a much better time-lapse video then the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I like the longer time-lapse and the quality of the video is better. You can see from the photos below that the GoPro Hero 8 Black in the 2nd image is the better quality.

Sunset Time Lapse iPhone 11 Pro Max

Sunset Time Lapse GoPro Hero 8 Black

I would love to hear your thoughts on time-lapse video and what camera you use for your time-lapse.

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2 thoughts on “Sunset Time Lapse | Castle Rock CO”

  1. Thanks for posting the comparison. Even though the quality of GoPro is much better compared to the iPhone, personally I’m still thinking that iPhone is really a good phone that can capture most images with high quality compared to other phones. I like the shorter timelapse, but both are beautiful in their own way. Castle Rock really has a such nice view 🙂

    • I have taken some incredible photos and videos with my iPhone 11 Pro Max, but it didn’t perform well against the GoPro Hero 8 Black in the time lapse challenge.

      I can speed up the GoPro video so that it’s not as long, but the iPhone time lapse, at 26 seconds, was way to short for me, and both cameras were videoing for the same amount of time.

      I love it here in Colorado and there are way more beautiful sunsets then the one I posted, but it was good enough for the comparison.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.



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