Brown Trout Caught in the Miramonte Reservoir

Watch this incredible video of this Brown Trout caught in the Miramonte Reservoir.

Rebel Crawfish Lure


The Miramonte Reservoir is located in southwest Colorado, southwest of Telluride, actually about 13 miles south of Norwood, Colorado.

Miramonte Reservoir

The Miramonte Reservoir is a long drive from most population centers so that’s why there are mostly locals fishing here and the trout get up to 24 inches. There are a lot of great fishing stories we have heard from other fishermen, so Mike and I had to take week to come out and fish this area of Colorado.

We didn’t catch a 24-inch trout, but we did catch a really nice 18 inch brown trout.

Big Brown Trout Caught in the Miramonte Reservoir

Big Brown Trout Caught in the Miramonte Reservoir


Mike caught this 18 inch brown trout on a crawdad lure.

Crawfish Lure

This crawfish lure is called the “Rebel Wee Crawfish Nest Robber.”

Rebel Wee Crawfish Nest Robber

Fishing Stories

We learned on this trip that these trout are feeding on small crawfish, which accounts for their large size, plus it’s such a long drive to get here that most people don’t take the time to make this drive.

We also heard that these crawdads spawn three times a year hear in stead on once a year, but again, that’s what we heard.

We’re planning a return trip this year to see if we can land a larger fish, and we’ll be bringing these videos and fishing stories to you as we learn more.

Check out the video below of this big brown trout catch.

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