Hog Hunting Oklahoma ATN Night Scope

Check out this Hog Hunting Oklahoma ATN Night Scope for a big wild sow in Southeast Oklahoma with how Mike butchers the hog in the field.

ATN X-Sight 4K Day & Night Scope

Stalking the Wild Hogs

On this particular night in Oklahoma, there were a lot of hogs out in this field. There are so many to pick from and Mike doesn’t always pick the biggest boar, but will pick a younger sow because they are better for eating. Here are some ATN Day/Night Scope images of what he had to choose from.

Hog Hunting Oklahoma

Hog Hunting Oklahoma

Hog Hunting Oklahoma

Here’s the KILL SHOT!

Hog Hunting Oklahoma Kill Shot

This little piglet was trying to hide after the shot was fired.

Hog Hunting Oklahoma

Mike saw this big boar after the shot, as it fled across the field. He may have been kicking himself for not seeing this boar first.

Big Boar

Mike with the wild sow after the hunt.

Hog Hunting Oklahoma


Watch this shorter YouTube video of the stalk and hunt.

…….shorter video…………

Butchering the Hog in the Field

WARNING! Some of you may not like the rest of this article as I am going to show you how Mike butchers the hog in the field so he doesn’t have to pack so much of it out.

1st – Mike Cuts the Hide Down the Spine

Butchering a wild hog

2nd – Cut Cross-ways at the shoulders and near the hind legs, in order to lay the skin back and expose the tenderloin or back strap.

Wild Hog Butchering

Wild Hog Butchering

3rd – Cut Out the Tenderloin or Backstrap

Begin by cutting along each side of the spine. There is a tenderloin on each side of the spine.

Wild Hog Butchering

Next, cut along the rib cage.

Wild Hog Butchering

Now, cut along the shoulder to separate the back strap from the upper body of the hog.

Wild Hog Butchering

Lastly, cut near the hind quarter to finish separating the tenderloin from the hog.

Wild Hog Butchering

Lay the two tenderloins across a rock, log or tree branch to keep is as clean as possible.

4th – Remove Both Hind Quarters or Hams

Start by cutting from where the hind leg meats the underside of the belly down to the tail bone. I’m sure there is a better way to say that but here is a photo to show you what I mean.

Wild Hog Butchering

Find the ball joint and cut through it.

Wild Hog Butchering

Repeat the same step for the other hind quarter and then finish cutting the remainder of the leg off.

Wild Hog Butchering

Wild Hog Butchering

Now, continue skinning the hind quarter.

Wild Hog Butchering

Wild Hog Butchering

Remove the skin down to the joint between the ham and the lower leg.

Wild Hog Butchering

Wild Hog Butchering

It’s easier to have a bone saw close by.

Bone Saw

You’re almost there.

Now, toss your hams and tenderloins into your ice chest.

Ice Chest

Lastly, clean up and drive back to a nice warm house, cabin or tent.

Clean Up

Final Thoughts

Wild hogs are a nuisance to farmers and ranchers, but they are great for hunting and eating. It’s best to use a night scope or thermal scope as night hunting is legal and the best time to hunt hogs.

Mike uses the ATN Day/Night Scope shown below.

X-Sight-4k Pro 5-20x Smart Day/Night Scope w/Full HD Video rec, Smooth zoom, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (Streaming, Gallery & Controls)
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  • Dual Stream Video Recording - Wifi Streaming and Video Recording now can be turned on simultaneously with no negative effect on performance
  • Ballistic Calculator feature makes every shot a kill. Point of impact is adjusted automatically with consideration of ammo type, range to target and environmental data
  • Recoil Activated Video - focus on the game, let X-Sight handle the routine tasks. As the scope senses the recoil, video is automatically stored on the SD card
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption - over 18 hours of active use. No more lost opportunities due to drained batteries
  • ITAR Product: Restricted for Export.

This product was presentation was made with AAWP plugin.

Watch the longer, detailed YouTube video below for more information on the hog hunt and butchering the hog in the field.

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