Tip of the Week Lure Caught on Rocks

Here’s Mike’s Tip of the Week Lure Caught on Rocks. How to get your lure unhooked from a rock when fishing in a river.

Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spinner

Tip of the Week Lure Caught on Rocks

Mike has grown up primarily bass fishing in farm ponds in Texas and Oklahoma and had never gone trout fishing until this weekend in September in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

He understands fish really well and did some research before coming to Colorado for this fishing trip, but we both had a lot to learn about trout fishing.

It didn’t take Mike long to figure out how to get his lure free when hooked on rocks as he didn’t have any waders and didn’t want to get soaked by having to cross the river. So, instead of wading across the river to retrieve his lure, or cut it free, he tried letting slack out of his line and letting the current carry the line down the river. The flow of the river against the line was enough to get his lure to release, probably 90% of the time.

Tip of the Week Lure Caught on Rocks

The problem wasn’t so much the cost of the lures as it was about him finding the right lure and not wanting to lose it as that’s what the trout seemed to be attracted to on this trip.

Mike was using the Mepps Comet 1 Minnow Spinner Lure.

Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spinner, 1/8-Ounce, Rainbow Trout/Silver
  • Great for muskee, pike and bass fishing
  • Balsa wood design keeps the lure semi-buoyant for a realistic retrieve
  • Flashing spinner reflects light into the water, driving the predatory instincts of game fish to initiate a strike
  • Spinning action disturbs the water, drawing in fish that may not otherwise see the lure
  • Size 2 Blade

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We were able to catch some incredible trout on this trip, when most people said or implied that the rivers were all fished out.

Cutthroat Trout

You can see a YouTube video of the tip of the week below.

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