Camping Cot

The best night sleep I have ever had is with this camping cot.

Camping Cot

I have tried many different ways to sleep when tent camping and I finally found what works for me. This Kingdom cot folds up easily and locks into place. It has a locking mechanism to lock it in a storage position, sitting or sleeping position. Here’s a great cot at Bass Pro.

And another great cot at Amazon.

Camping Cot Sierra 440
47 Reviews
Camping Cot Sierra 440
  • Fabric: Extremely durable canvas, waterproof, fire retardant (meets all international and USA standards), rot resistant and UV resistant.
  • High quality features: Extra padding for additional comfort. Adjustable leg length converts from a flat bed into a lounger. Satellite feet to accommodate and level on uneven surfaces.
  • Construction: Steel frame supports up to 440 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Spacious size: Oversized for extra comfort and movement,. ideal for adults and kids.
  • Specs: Open size 82 inches x 34 inches x 18 inches. Packed size 33 inches x 32 inches x 10 inches. Weight 38 lbs. Imported.

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You can see how easy it is to unfold and setup.

Camping Cot

Now for the real secret to how I sleep so well on this camping cot.

Camping Cot Memory Foam Pad

This memory foam pad is 3 inches thick and makes this already comfortable cot, nearly as relaxing as sleeping at home.

Serta ThermaGel Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Twin XL, Blue
6,604 Reviews
Serta ThermaGel Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Twin XL, Blue
  • Breathable gel infused memory foam engineered for comfort and support
  • ThermaGel particles help provide a cool, comfortable sleep surface
  • Adapts and conforms to the individual contours of the body to provide enhanced support and comfort
  • Enhances the sleep surface and extends the life of your mattress
  • Made in the USA

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Next it’s time to put the sheets on. I slept this way for 5 months in a studio apartment, here in Colorado, when I accepted a new job and was working to get my family here and I never missed my old bed.

Camping Cot

I have two of these cots, so I let Mike borrow one and now his next purchase is one of these cots because his first night sleeping on one, had him sleeping for 10 plus hours (and Mike normally only sleeps for 4 to 6 hours).

Lastly, it’s time for the sleeping bag(s) or comforter, depending on what you like best and how cold it is. Mike likes the comforters and I prefer the sleeping bags.

Camping Cot

Sleeping is a big deal to most of us and I have tried everything, except for a hammock, but I’m telling you the absolute truth. I have never slept better out camping and even at home, when I had to use one on several occasions in the past.

If you want a great night sleep in the mountains, you should really consider this camping cot and a 3″ memory foam topper.

Camping Cot

Check out this short YouTube video of the camping cot set up.

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Sierra 440




Ease of Use









  • Extremely Comfortable
  • X-Large
  • Easy to Setup
  • Large Feet to Protect Tent Bottom
  • Simple to Fold up and Store


  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Expensive

2 thoughts on “Camping Cot”

  1. Oh, it has a memory foam pad! That is awesome. So, it means that you will always fall back to the imprint that you made before. And that guarantees comfort.

    Now, my concern is that, if I use this camping cot as a sit also, should I use the memory foam pad? Or can I use it without and keep the memory pad for sleeping only.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I would take the memory foam pad off if you were using it to sit, unless you are using it as you sit in bed with the back angled up, as some people do when the read or watch TV.



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