White Tail Deer Buck | Video

Here is White Tail Deer Buck in velvet, near Crescent Oklahoma. I don’t need to say much other than to watch the video below.

Mike uses the Moultrie Deer Feeder Standard.

Moultrie Deer Feeder Standard
  • Quick-lock technology
  • Metal spin plate
  • 4 AA batteries are included, allows the Use of Lithium batteries for increased Battery life
  • 30-Gallon hopper
  • Digital timer programs up to (4) Feed times per Day from 1 to 20 seconds each

This product was presentation was made with AAWP plugin.

Here area a few still photos.

White Tail Deer Buck

White Tail Deer Buck

White Tail Deer Buck

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2 thoughts on “White Tail Deer Buck | Video”

  1. Hello there, it’s really nice to see how you were able to stay and not make a sound to distract this deer because I’ve known them to be one of the most sensitive animals out there when it comes to noticing someone around and it’s really good to see this video. My kids would be thrilled to watch. Cheers

    • You are right. It’s not just sounds or sight that alerts them. Your scent may be the main reason they get alerted to you. Mike is extremely careful to do everything carefully so they never know he’s there. It’s a challenge and a game to him to see if he can out smart wildlife.



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