Beautiful Rainbow Trout

Here is an 18-inch beautiful rainbow trout we caught near South Fork, Colorado in October 2020.

Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spinner

Trophy Rainbow Trout

We drove down from Wolk Creek Pass, between Pagosa Springs and South Fork, Colorado, on US-160, and notice what looked like a great river for trout fishing. We were heading home from a week fishing trip in Pagosa Springs, but made a note to fish this area in the future. We were both thinking it would be next year, but it happened to only be about 2 weeks later.

We set up camp on County Road 380, about 5 miles from US-160, in a beautiful Colorado mountain valley with aspens turning yellow all around us. It was the first week in October 2020. The aspens will start turning yellow around the middle of September and go through the first week or two in October, depending on the year, altitude and what part of the state you’re in.

Colorado Mountain Valley | Camp Site

We it the road early Friday morning, but had to stop for breakfast before we started fishing. Good thing we did because we witnessed an American Bald Eagle circling overhead, which Mike said was a sign of good luck.

American Bald Eagle

It was only a half an hour later when we found what we hoped would be a great place to fish. The aspens were a brilliant yellow and golden color, and whether we caught a fish or not, it was bound to be one outstanding day.

Yellow Aspens Along a River in Colorado

I believe it was about the 5th or 6th cast, into what became our favorite fishing hole, before Mike landed the largest rainbow trout of his life. Up to this point, Mike had mostly been a bass fisherman.

Trout Fishing

This is where the fun begins.

Catching the Trophy Rainbow Trout

This is the lure we caught this monster with.

Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spinner, 1/8-Ounce, Rainbow Trout/Silver
  • Great for muskee, pike and bass fishing
  • Balsa wood design keeps the lure semi-buoyant for a realistic retrieve
  • Flashing spinner reflects light into the water, driving the predatory instincts of game fish to initiate a strike
  • Spinning action disturbs the water, drawing in fish that may not otherwise see the lure
  • Size 2 Blade

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It won’t be long before he get’s it into the net.

Trout Fishing South Fork Rio Grand River

We were shocked to see how big this rainbow was as so many people said the rivers were over fished.

Trophy Rainbow Trout

At last, it was time to let this beautiful rainbow trout go back to the river.

Rainbow Trout Released into the River

I have never seen a large rainbow trout this close.

Rainbow Trout Released into the River

Well, doesn’t that make a beautiful Colorado Fall day even better?

Colorado Fall Day on the River

I didn’t think this day needed anymore to make it gorgeous.

Check out the YouTube Video below.

Blue Fox 68-20-608IC Vibrax Minnow, Multi, One Size,Silver
  • Sport type: Outdoor Lifestyle
  • Natural minnow profile
  • VMC Hook is extremely sharp for quick penetration and strong to resist bending
  • Stamped brass blade features plated and printed patterns

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Rainbow Trout”

  1. Reading through this article is a really interesting and very beautiful thing to do, it’s always good to read about aquatic animals and how they survive. I’ve read quite a bit of articles on beautiful rainbow trout, the fish is very beautiful and I enjoyed learning more about it. I’d love to see more of this kind of information.

    • Well, I am glad to let you know that we upload at least 1 new wildlife article and video every week to the website and corresponding YouTube page. Our YouTube page is MikenRickOutdoors.

      Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.


  2. What a lovely article about the outdoors and the beautiful trout. Is that the biggest trout that you’ve ever caught? To tell you the truth i thought that you were going to take it home and cook it for your dinner!

    It really is refreshing to see an article with a difference and a hobby that you really enjoy! Are you going to get a review for your video from David Attenborough? 

    How long did it actually take you to catch the trout and what are the best lures and baits to catch such beautiful fish?

    The photos of the beautiful Colorado mountain valley is just gorgeously beautiful. The American bald eagle is very impressive indeed! The Gallery photos are such a treat to see as well!

    Do you find that enjoying the great outdoors is a release to the everyday stresses of life?

    Keep enjoying the great outdoors Mick and Rick!

    • Hey Dayo. I was in awe of the yellow aspens and the incredible Rocky Mountains before even catching the rainbow trout, so that was extra for me.

      Mike cast around 7 times before he landed the trout, so including the walk to the fishing hole, it probably took 15 minutes before we landed the trout. I think Mike had only started casting around 3 minutes before the trout took the bait.

      Mike was using the Mepps Commet 1 minnow spinner when he caught this fish. That lure has been the most successful on this and our last trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

      It’s always relaxing and an incredible stress releaser to get away from everything in the outdoors, especially, when those outdoors are the Rocky Mountains.



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