Papa Murphy Camp Dinner

Have you ever been stumped at what to eat at a camp site or were bored with the traditional things you bring? Here’s a new meal I stumbled upon, that I call the Papa Murphy Camp Dinner.

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Papa Murphy's

What actually happened, was on a fishing trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado in 2020, Mike and I were thinking about what to eat for dinner. Mike was driving in from Oklahoma (a 14 hour drive) and he was exhausted and didn’t want to cook anything, as he was going to be setting up his tent in the dark.

I had a great idea to pick up a pizza to make life easier.

What didn’t realize is that Papa Murphy’s doesn’t actually cook the pizza for you, so I was a little shocked, and concerned how to cook at the camp site. They said I didn’t need to pay for it but I told them I would figure out a way to cook it.

Papa Murphy's Favorite

The pizza is supposed to cook for over 20 minutes in an oven, so I was a little concerned.

We arrived at the camp site and set up Mike’s tent. After that, we turned our attention to the pizza. We bought a large pizza with half the way he liked it and half the way I liked it.

We decided the only way to tackle this problem was to attempt to cook it on a gas grill in a cast iron skillet.

One of the first obvious problems was to figure out how to get it out of the cardboard plate it came in. It’s not a problem at home because you put the pizza and the cardboard plate in the oven and cook it that way. It’s different in a skillet. The dough didn’t want to cooperate with us, so we found the best solution was to cut it in fourths and lift it off the plate that way. It was still a challenge, but a manageable one.

Papa Murphy Camp Dinner

We heated up the cast iron skillet and added some olive oil. We didn’t know how long to cook it so we just watched it really close. The bottom of the pizza will burn quickly so put your heat on low to low-medium. Another tip is to make sure you cover the top to help the cheese melt.

Papa Murphy Camp Dinner

Ranger is guarding the pizza.

It only took 4 to 6 minutes to cook the pizza and the first time we attempted this, the bottom did get more done than we wanted it to but it actually was okay. Having a nice crispy bottom, cooked in the olive oil tasted incredible and honestly, I like it cooked better this way.

Papa Murphy Camp Dinner

The pizza was so large that we were able to save half of it to eat for breakfast the following morning.

Sometimes, great things happen when we make mistakes and this will go down as one of our new favorite dishes, due to a mistake.

Papa Murphy Camp Dinner

Here is a short YouTube video on how to cook a Papa Murphy’s pizza on a cast iron skillet.

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