Wild Boar Hunting Videos (Warning: Graphic Content)

Watch these Incredible wild boar hunting videos near McAlester, Oklahoma!


We used a standard AR-15 .223 round on these wild hog (wild boar) hunts. The night scope used was the ATN X-Sight-4K Pro Smart Day/Night Scope w/Full HD Video/Recording, including smooth zoom, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming.

Wild Boar Hunting Videos near Ashland OK

The wild boars can appear at any time but more so at dusk when it cools down. The later in the night the better, and the big boars normally show up after midnight. They are difficult to kill and scatter quickly after the first shot.

This product was presentation was made with AAWP plugin.

Note: Wild boars are an invasive species in Oklahoma, and as such the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conversation office allows for unlimited hog kills and no limits to hunting at night.

This first video was taken on September 7, 2019 near McAlester, Oklahoma of a Wild Boar kill.

The next Wild Boar hunt was on September 13, 2019 near Ashland, Oklahoma.

This Sow Hog was killed on December 19, 2019.

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2 thoughts on “Wild Boar Hunting Videos (Warning: Graphic Content)”

  1. Hello there, going hunting in the wild is really cool and I have to say that I enjoyed watching this video and I have to say I’m impressed for real. I have never done hunting in the wild before even if I have interest in it. Also, the AR is a good riffle and for me not knowing the power I’ll be needing to bring down a wild boar, I’ll stay away for now

    • Hey Justin. The AR-15 with the .223 round does the job but I would prefer a larger caliber. One of the hunters used a larger caliber and dropped the boar in it’s tracks with no kicking from the boar at the end.  I recommend a larger caliber than the .223.



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