Trout Fishing Lures Review

Trout Fishing Lures Review at the Rio Grande Reservoir, near Creede, Colorado.

Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spinner

These Lures are Beating Everyone

No joke, after trout fishing here in Colorado for the last three summers, we can honestly say, from our personal experience that these trout fishing lures are helping us catch trout at probably a 5 to 1 ratio compared to other fishermen around us.

These are the spoon lures we’re using below.

Trout fishing spoon lures

Here are the spoon lure names with links to where you can buy them.

Fishing Lure History

We started trout fishing in Colorado for the first time in the summer of 2019. Mike talked to a lot of people before that trip and had a lot of lures he brought with him to try out.

We found out that the Dardevle Eppinger and the ACME Little Cleo spoons were performing the best that year. The following year we were back for more fishing adventures and again we found the Little Cleo spoon gave us the best results.

This year we were back at South Fork, Colorado and were fishing the South Fork of the Rio Grande River, but then we decided to try our luck at the Rio Grande Reservoir just west of Creede, Colorado. Mike started out with the Dardevle Eppinger and Rachael started with the ACME Little Cleo spoon but Rachael was the first to make the observation that most of the trout we were catching had a green color to them.

Green Rainbow Trout

Fortunately for Rachael and her observations, she switched to the Thomas Buoyant 1/4 Ounce T102 spoon lure and never looked back. She absolutely out fished Mike from then on as he stayed with the Little Cleo spoon until he realized Rachael was right. After Mike switched, he also started catching more trout with the Thomas spoon lure.

You can see more about Trout Fishing Lures below in this YouTube video, followed by a video of all of Rachael’s catches over two days on the Rio Grande Reservoir.

Dardevle Eppinger 116 Dardevle, Red/White, 3/4-ounce
  • Country of Origin: U.S.
  • The classic Dardevle Stripe Fishing Lure remains the one of the most popular and among the most effective fishing lures on the market today.
  • Cast or trolled, this lure sports a unique wiggling-and-wobbling action that is irresistible to pike, walleye, bass, and all hungry other game fish species.
  • Features Great for game fish like bass, walleye, Muskie and pike Finished with the highest quality hardware Solid non-corrosive metal
  • Color: Red / White

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Acme Little Cleo Fishing Terminal Tackle, 1/4-Ounce, Rainbow Trout
  • Wild action without line twist
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Precision Machined
  • Use in fresh or saltwater
  • Surest way to catch fish
  • The salmon and steelhead were tearing up tackle in the Great Lakes, Little Cleos were the surest way to catch them

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Thomas & Friends T102-RT Bouyant
  • Package length: 13.97 cm
  • Package width: 3.81 cm
  • Package height: 1.27 cm

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