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I’m sure that most of you know that Simms is the leader in waders in the fishing industry, but what about all of us that don’t want to spend up to $900 on spectacular Simms Waders, and don’t forget the Simms Fishing Boots? You need to check out these Paramount Fishing Chest Waders. They work extremely well, and won’t leave you broke at the end of the day.

Paramount Outdoors

Paramount Waders – Features

  • WaterproofParamount Fishing Waders
  • 6-Ply Full Wrap
  • 2 Top Entry Chest Pockets
  • Large Pass Through (Hand Warming)
  • Wide Suspenders
  • Elastic Belt
  • Stocking Foot Wader

Wader Field Test

Mike was really looking forward to testing these new chest waders out on our recent trout fishing trip near Lake George, Colorado. There was a little concern when he bought the Paramount waders instead of going with the more expensive and well-known brand name of Simms. I even gave him some grief about it.

Well, we hit the river Saturday morning and Mike fished all day in these waders. It was just after lunch when I asked him how he liked the Paramount Waders and Paramount Fishing Boots, and let me tell you, I got an ear full and a lot of video of him testing them in the South Platte River near Lake George, Colorado.

There were several things Mike really liked about these waders and boots:

  1. He liked how warm his feet felt.
  2. He liked all the pockets and pass-through hand warming pocket.
  3. Mike really raved about how well the boots gripped the rocks.

Warm Feet

We all know how miserable it can be hunting and fishing with cold feet. That was not a problem on this fishing trip with these new Paramount Waders. Mike was wearing a normal pear of socks and not one of the extra warm pair. There’s not much more to say here, other than Paramount passed this test.

Paramount Ergonomic Booties

Convenient Pockets

For years, Mike has been fishing in his shorts and t-shirt. It’s only been since 2020 that Mike and I have started trout fishing in Colorado, rather than bass fishing in lakes and ponds in Oklahoma.

I have been telling Mike he needs to upgrade his gear and look a little more like a fisherman, but you know how friends can be. Sometimes they just tick you off on purpose… I think.

On this trout fishing trip to Colorado, Mike was noticeably happy about how convenient it was to carry his gear, plus having the security of protecting his keys in a zippered pocket. The pass-through hand warmers are a nice addition for any fisherman.

Paramount Wader Pockets

I don’t think Mike will be fishing again in his old shorts and t-shirt. I’m sure you all will appreciate seeing him look more like a professional fisherman.

Fishing Boots

Honestly, I think Mike was the most impressed with the Paramount Fishing Boots. These boots not only had great grips, but they had steel wading studs, and with the rubber soles and metal studs, there was no slipping on the rocks.

Paramount Fishing Boots

Mike was stepping on a lot rocks, he wouldn’t have dreamed of stepping on in the past, to see how good they gripped. I was there, and I can attest that they did the job perfectly. I was wearing sandals, and even though I could step in the water, I did not have the same confidence Mike had to move around the river quickly, without fear of slipping and falling.

Paramount Fishing Boots

Final Thoughts

This was a great buy for Mike. He really liked the quality of the waders and was extremely happy he saved some money by buying Paramount.

I may end up buying the Simms waders, only to make him mad, but also so we can do a better comparison and field test in the future.

Bottom line, it was a smart purchase by Mike and he couldn’t be more happy.

Honestly, I’m just glad to see him look like a real fisherman.

Check out this detailed field test video below of the Paramount Chest Waders and Fishing Boots.

Paramount Outdoors Deep Eddy Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Fishing Wader (ELK, Small)
69 Reviews
Paramount Outdoors Deep Eddy Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Fishing Wader (ELK, Small)
  • 100% waterproof and breathable chest wader made with a durable 4-ply nylon upper and double reinforced lower legs giving you the protection you need from a fishing wader where you need it most
  • Large zippered box pocket on the front chest features a large rear pass through pocket for ample storage and a great place to rest your hands
  • 2" wide adjustable suspenders feature attachment points uniquely designed for fly fishing to carry tippet, nipper, or hemostats
  • Ergonomic neoprene stockingfoot booties are made with 4mm of soft stretchable neoprene for a non-bunching fit
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects, you can wade at ease knowing we have you covered

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Paramount Fishing Waders




6-Ply Full Wrap


Top Entry Chest Pockets


Large Pass Thru Handwarmers


Wide Suspenders



  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Feet Keep Warm
  • Convenient Pockets
  • Reasonable Price


  • No Negatives at this Time

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